Unleash your inner entrepreneur

Startup DNA is a six day class that turns you into a creative entrepreneur or intrapreneur with a world class business model.

This class is not about memorizing boring business theories or about making 100+ page business plans. It is about learning the necessary skills for delivering great pitches, selling more, and bootstrapping your own lean & agile startup.

At the end of the week, you'll show off your new skills in a class business model competition!

The Mentor

Bruce M Firestone is best known as a professor, entrepreneur and founder of NHL hockey team, the Ottawa Senators.

He has launched or helped launch more than 172 businesses in fields including tech, real estate, design, art and services. He advises clients and students on business modeling, self-financing, smart marketing, social media, differentiated value, strategic selling and business development.

In this six day class, he will teach you the skills and give you the mentorship you need to create your own successful business.

Bruce M Firestone

B. Eng (Civil), M. Eng-Sci, PhD

“Prof Bruce” is Executive Director of Exploriem.org, a Canadian registered Not-For-Profit corporation focused on educating and mentoring entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and artpreneurs in Canada and around the world. You can follow his writings at EQ Journal.

It is easier to start a business now than it has ever been.

Dr. Bruce Firestone



  • Create and improve a business model so that the harder you work, the more money you make.
  • Rely on bootstrapping techniques.
  • Expand your knowledge about effective customer acquisition using negative cost selling, guerrilla marketing, and social & earned media.
  • Discover the art of pitching and pricing.
  • Learn the entire entrepreneur skill set—A to Ö.
  • Work alongside Digital Data Strategist students at Hyper Island. Immerse yourself in their unique ideation and feedback techniques.
  • And much more …

You will also take home

Who is it for

You should take this class if you …

  • Dream of creating your own successful startup.
  • Want to learn the tricks to selling & pitching.
  • Are already working for a company, but want to learn how to better sell your ideas & projects. Let's get you promoted!

You should NOT take this class if you …

  • Want a repetitive office job for the rest of your life.
  • Enjoy making boring PowerPoint presentations.
  • Expect to learn outdated and impractical business theories.


May 20th—25th, 2013


Lecture from 9.00 to 12.00

Lunch from 12.00 to 12.30

Workshop from 12.30 to 13.30

Saturday (25th)

Business model competition from 13.00 to 18.00

Day 1 Business Models for the 21st Century—Integrating the Internet into the DNA of your Enterprise.
Day 2 Creating powerful, innovative value propositions and sustainable competitive advantage through differentiation. Creating/improving new products and techniques in existing established companies.
Day 3 Bootstrap financing for the modern enterprise.
Day 4 Effective customer acquisition using negative cost selling, guerrilla marketing, social marketing and earned media.
Day 5 Creditor proofing yourself.
Day 6 Business Model Competition.


Hyper Island

Hyper Island creates intensive, short and long-term programs and experiential environments for individuals and organizations to learn and grow, using the power of transformative technology. Startup DNA is part of the last module in the Digital Data Strategist program. You have a unique opportunity to be a part of it.

Telefonvägen 30, 126 26 Hägersten. Stockholm. 4th floor

Thanks to our Sponsors

Schibsted Tillväxtmedier (Schibsted Growth) is Schibsted Media Group's venture company for investing in and managing a portfolio of growing digital companies. Over the years Schibsted Growth has made investments in companies like Blocket, Bytbil, Hitta.se, Mötesplatsen, Prisjakt, TV.nu, Webtraffic, Lendo, Servicefinder and many more. The portfolio currently consists of over 20 companies and Schibsted is actively looking for new investment opportunities.

Thanks to Schibsted, students from the Stockholm region can attend the class for free.

Fyndiq is one of Sweden's fastest growing e-commerce startups, providing a platform that connects merchants with consumers in a big bargain shop. We support StartupDNA because we love the startup community, and also to be able to say: we're hiring! (sysadmins, django developers, designers, frontend developers).

Fyndiq is sponsoring the first place prize of the competition, and also the party after the competition.

Attend the class

5 lectures & workshops on entrepreneurship (20 hours) + 1 day business model competition.
All class material, and a copy of The Entrepreneur's Handbook II.
Opportunity to win prizes from the business model competition.
Individual follow-ups twice a year with Prof Bruce.

Have questions? Feel free to contact Daniel.